The battle of Coventry – Game 3 Clear the road

Presenting the scenario we will be playing for our 3rd game!

The stunning defeat of the Martian forces attacking Bedworth buoyed the confidence of the human command, the Martian advance had been halted and although Bedworth had fallen the civilians were saved and the static defenses to the north of Coventry where able to be completed and re-enforced.

However the Martians were not idle they sent a raiding part to the west of Bedworth and managed to secure the main trunk road than runs north to human held territory. All other routes into Coventry are long and dangerous so human command has ordered the trunk road be re taken.

The trunk roads most easily defended point is a ravine with steep sides the Martians have concentrate there forces there to block the oncoming human reinforcements


The table is to be set up with a road running from the short edge to short edge, either side of the road is to be a collection of farm buildings and heavy Forrest terrain in very hilly terrain.

Hills block line of sight and anything in the area marked as the road way cannot see more that 4″ out of the road way and vice versa


The Martian player has 1500 points
Human players have 2000 points

The Martian player must take a slaver which is given special rules below.
The human player must have at least 5 units of the following infantry, rough riders


The Martian player deploys his army up to half way along the board from the short edge (ie 3ft in)

The humans deploy there army on the opposite short board edge at the start of the turn.
However the 6 units that are compulsory may be deployed in ambush up to 2ft into the board.

Special rules

Difficult terrain

The humans are attacking to retake this road as it’s the main route into Coventry from the north, the terrain in the area is dense and difficult to navigate, as such 50% of the tank units taken start the game in reserve and will arrive from the second turn onwards on a 5+, then 4+ on the third turn etc

In addition any American units recycled will be delayed 1 turn extra.

There learning!

The Martians in this area have been fighting and surviving with limited support for a long time and have started to adapt to the local terrain. The slave tripod that the Martian player has become such an expert he counts all forests as high terrain to models out side of 10″

What are those locals doing here?

The Martian player must put the slaver tripod and his lobotons / drones in reserve. At the start of the Martians players 2nd turn they will turn up from a random board edge and may deploy upto 6″ onto the table.

Winning the game

The human objective is simple get the road open, the game ends on the 8th turn the humans must get the road clear, there is an objective in the middle of the table on the road, humans must hold this with no Martians within 6″ or the Martians have broken.



The Battle of Coventry game 2 – The withdraw from Bedworth

Hey there reader, today is the first battle report from out All Quiet on the Martian front campaign me and a few friends are running at my local games club in Bedworth UK.

The Campaign is going to be based around the Martian attack on Coventry to try and shout down its arms production facilities. its going to be a series of lined games about once a month so who will win the human defenders or the mighty Martian invaders!

The Scenario we played is a home brew, following on from the last game we played

Following the brief victory of the of the human defenders the Martians have re doubled there efforts to take the town of bedworth!

Human command has decided that its best to withdraw to prepared defences but the combined British and American task force shall stage a fighting withdrawal to allow for civilians to escape the Martian menace!

Scenario – Fighting withdrawal

The table shall be set up to represent a small town on the edge of a heavily forested area. (10 terrain features) human forces have dug in on the main approach to the town.

Human player gets the trench system and 1500 points
6 of the buildings / area terrain pieces may be booby trapped before the start of the game

Martian player receives 2000 points

Game lasts till the 6th turn at the start of that turn the first player rolls a dice on a 8+ a 7th turn is played

Winning the game

At the start of each human turn assign a number to each terrain feature the roll a D10 a civilian refugee token will then exit that feature and begin running towards the human table edge (move as per standard infantry in as straight a line as possible)

If the human make it off the table the human layer scores 100VP
if the Martian player kills them they score 100VP

Victory points for other units are scored as normal
the player with the highest points at the end of the game wins

Here is the terrain we set up for the game the Martians would be attacking from the Left

The Town of bedworth

I have lost the army list for the american (nick) and British (Keith) defenders but from memory they had
3 x 3 MK3
2 x 3 Mk 2
2 x 3 HMG
2 x 3 american infatry
2 x 2 british infantry

might be slightly out but its close enough!

The Martians were drawn from pauls army

Shipman letting the side down All quiet on the martian front

and my Tripods!

James Army All quiet on the martian front

The human Prey models we will be using for the scenario

Human tokens All quiet on the martian front

THe Humans set up first placing there tanks against the back table edge ready to react as the troops hid in the terrain.

Hipster photo taking a photo of someone taking a photo, smile Nick!


The Martians strode confidently on at the start of the first turn!

Tripods advance! All quiet on the martian front

Quickly dispatching the human defenders in the trench the Martians thought the withdrawing humans would be easy prey! they were wrong.

Deployment All Quiet on the martian front

The Humans first shot of the game hot and killed an assault tripod the remaining shots pounded another

Tripod getting hammered  All quiet on the martian front

The Martians moved up the board to try and bring there heat rays into close range, however caring little for there soldiers lives the British had apparently coasted there tanks in asbestos so the heat rays did nothing!

End of turn 2 All quiet on the martian front

The Martians knew they’d have the last laugh though when the humans died of asbestosis!

It all went down hill for the Martians from there the human won initiative and by the end of turn 3 we were 1500 point down having killed a unit of Mk 2!

A resounding win for the human forces!

So thoughts on the game, well to start of with screw Keith and the dice he rolled in on! His dice where on fire tonight *rarely getting less that 7 hits with his mK3 squadrons) which didn’t help the Martians at all losing 4 assault tripods before the end of the second human turn (we had moved once!!!)

This did highlight a problem with our terrain as tripods can get no cover at all unless its a tall building there may as well have been no terrain on the table from a Martian point of view so when things started going wrong there was nothing we could do,

So we are ordering some bigger buildings to try and make terrain have a larger (read any) impact on the game.

As for the scenario, well its hard to say, the dice loved the humans so much it was an insanely one sided game (in our circle we call it a deliverance style game) so it wouldn’t be fair for me to say if it was good or bad! but if anyone wants to give it ago and suggest changes / alterations go ahead!

However I had loads of fun playing the game again! cant wait for the next instalment where buoyed by there recent success the humans will be on the counter attack!

comments welcome!


All quiet on the Bedworth front

Tuesday just gone my self and Keith (who also went in on the kickstarter) hooked up with nick (who subsequently brought in) and Paul (from all coins spends ) to have out first decent sized game of all quiet on the Martian front!
As it’s now Sunday I can’t remember all that happened so ill just post a few pictures and some commentary.


This is quite early on in the game, before we realised quite how accurate the human shooting was going to be! (We lost a tripod a turn!)


Not long after this the Martian attack collapsed! Commander Keith of the plucky Brits apparently couldn’t roll anything less than an 8 for damage followed by 10 for how many hit points we lost!

I loved this game reminded me completely of why I play with toy shoulders, great mates and a brilliant laugh!

The game system isn’t the best and there’s some glaring flaws both in the rules and balance wise (between units in each army the sides actually seemed balanced against each other) but I don’t really care the game looks awesome we had the entire club come to check the game out so it’s a crowd drawer!

I’ve painted up some puny humans for the mighty Martian empire to crush after this game as it had me really keen to do more hobby!


We are playing again in a few weeks time, hopefully Martian commander kiff and zap brannigan will be victorious if not it’s all kiffs fault in the mean time Martian bro fist!


Kingdom of britanina heavy machine guns

Ive recently painted up some of the dystopian legions heavy machine guns for my brits.

the figures are really lovley and are a great unit on the table i hope spartan pull there finger out and get the rulebook out soon!


Back from hiatus!

Well im back and blogging again, for how long who knows so get it while its good.

A lots been happening since ive had a break from blogging most notably given the title of the blog the dropping on the new wood elf army book for warhammer, now im not going to do a full review there’s plenty of content out there but i will say i like the book but it has contributed to my hiatus from blogging.

The book is very one dimensional if all the rumours didnt say it was written by matt ward id have sworn it was by Robin ‘you have one good list in this book’ Cruddace and it makes me a sad panda i love books with huge scope and lots of choices (which is why in constantly amazes me robin ‘internal balance is a dirty phrase’ Cruddace wrote the warriors of chaos) and the book lacks it in every aspect about half the choices are garbage and the other half force you into a run and gun style game.

Now i enjoy this style of and its a good job to because you cant do anything else! so im left with mixed feelings is it better than the old army book yes do i like it yes is it a good book well for me no.

This left me feeling utterly lackluster about the army and utterly de -motivated to do anything with it, so warhammer took a back seat.

so dont expect any wood elf hobby on here for quite a while!

in the mean time though i have been working on my Dystopian legions in preparation (or eternal hope) of the new rule book, and i want to restart work on my 6mm scifi game, plenty to be blogging on with!

6mm scifi – the reboot

Today is something a little different for a blog post, im going to talk about my 6mm scifi game that me and a friend wrote a couple of years ago. Now as a project it fell by the way side as many things do but its been churning away in the back of my mind and now I feel ready to tackle it again. Im going to use this blog post to set out the aims / objectives for the game and a rough idea of what I want the game to be about. So onwards with the description!

Aims / Objectives

First and foremost the game is to be fun, now that’s subjective so means

  • Clear concise rules
  • Tactics are the most important aspect of winning a game using your limited resources to best effect
  • Set up, played and taken down again in under 3 hours (ie a typical club night)
  • Points based army list construction
  • Remembering that fluff is cool but this is a game first and foremost
  • Random stuff for the lolz is banned as it ruins games
  • Oopps you rolled badly now your game is over is to be removed as far as possible.

So in effect what im after is a fun fast tactical game with army list construction, where your tactics on the table outweigh the ‘luck’ of the dice


The game is based around capture and control of ‘installations’ these give Victory points when controlled and the player with the most VP wins the game. However the installations also give ‘Command points’ (cp) these are used to bring in support units or off table support (orbital lasers and such) as well as activate special abilities on units. Only infantry units can capture and hold objectives meaning you have to take them! But once infantry are inside even basic grunts are almost impossible to shift with firepower alone and will normally require infantry going in to clear them out.

The game is to be played in inches and on a 3” x 4” table so can be played on a standard dining room table


There are several types of units that can be brought in the game at this point im working on one army to play its self to get a base line. Id like to add more armies as the game develops.


  • Assault infantry -these are your arc typical powered armour infantry specialised in assaulting and close range combat, the ideal choice for capturing enemy installations
  • Combat Engineers – these are the defensive infantry, can’t fight much in a fire fight but behind cover or in an installation very hard to shift
  • Grunts – The basic infantry cheaper that the other types and more rounded stats great for back field defence and putting bodies on the table


  • Light tanks – fast highly mobile flanking units used for initial strikes at the enemy before fading away as the big guns arrive.
  • Medium tanks – the all-rounder’s capable in most situations with reasonable defence and attack stats 
  • Heavy tanks – the big boys slow but hard to kill the large weapon, one heavy tank is more than a match for most enemy units and requires concentrated fire to knock out.


These I had a real problem with, how do you make them different to tanks? They fulfil a very similar role in the army, what I’ve decided to do at the moment is make them the only other type of unit that can attack installations in assault  but not capture them, this requires some play testing and im open to ideas!

  • Light walkers – Designed to be the fore runners to an infantry assault top speeds are about the same as a medium tank but will fade away
  • Medium walkers – The main support unit for assult infantry, reasonable armour and attack stats
  • Heavy walker – the fire power of a heavy tank, with greater survivability. Very slow but can assault installations without support.


  • Ground – similar speeds to medium tanks with slightly less survivability infantry can redeploy into and out of these units with ease and speed
  • Flying – tough, and very quick but takes longer for infantry to redeploy into and out of them


  • Self-propelled – direct fire, high strength shots but very fragile
  • Static – Can fire indirect most powerful artillery in the game but cannot move
  • Anti-air – slow, reasonable armour excellent anti air craft fire

Air support

  • Interceptor – for attacking enemy air craft, fast but lacking in defences
  • Ground attack – slower but netter armed and armoured capable off attacking most ground targets

SO that’s it for now, ill post up more soon when ive worked though the basic rules!




Triumph and treachery – review

This is something a bit new for me, my first review of a product!

Today I’m going to look at triumph and treachery the new multi player supplement from games workshop for Warhammer.

Probably not a surprise given the content of this blog but I’m a huge fan of 8th edition fantasy battle I think as a rules set it’s a thing of beauty, really enjoyable games, lots of tactics and the most balanced the game has ever been In my oppinion. But no matter which edition you have played the multi player games have been dreadful, this is where triumph and treachery aims to change that.

3-5 players can participate but from my two games I think 5 players leaves the table a little too crowded but 4 players worked well.

The game plays out like a normal warhammer game with a few exceptions, each player is given a symbol (shield, halberd etc) then each turn player is chosen at random by flipping cards with these symbols on, this determines turn order and means a different turn order each round.

During each phase you choose another player to be the enemy then all your actions are directed against them and the other players ‘don’t exist’ for the purposes of that phase.

This can cause some oddities with some magic items or spells like vortex’s but other wise it works pretty well.

On top of this you get ‘treachery’ cards for various things these do things like let you shoot out of turn order or force your opponent to reroll to hit rolls in combat. So far in the two games I’ve had all of the good cards seem to affect shooting where as there are very few that let you alter magic and the combat ones all seemed a little lackluster which is a shame.

You win by collecting ‘coins’ basically VP tokens which works well enough.

From my games so far I think players need to enter into the spirit of the game it’s about stabbing people in the back and making and breaking alliances. In my game today the daemon player set up to run at my elves and deployed to ignore the rest of the players leaving me with no choice but to deploy to fend of this threat turning the game into effectively to 1v1 games that only had limited impact on each other.

The other cool thing about triumph and treachery is the allies, this lets you add pretty much anything into your list. Today I added some empire to my wood elves and wrote a little bit of fluff that i thought I’d share with you!

One day some elves were wondering through there forest when they came across a witch hunter pulling a great cannon, and they were like woah bro you can’t pull that shit through here, and the witch hunter was like nah brah were here to hunt witches not punch trees and the elves were like that’s cool bro shall we help, and the witch hunter was like yeah boiiiieeeeee and this the legend of the empire great cannon and the wood elves was born.

World class fluff I think you’ll agree!

Anyway here’s a few pics of the game!




Overall I really like triumph and treachery, is it worth the price tag? Debatable but for the fun I can see me having with it I’m pleased. And defiantly think it’s worth tracking down someone to play it with even if you don’t want to buy a copy!

Glade guard archers

Happy Christmas!
A little belated I know but here’s what I’ve been working on over my holiday break






Really happy with how’s these look, got my first proper game tomorrow so I’ll hopefully do a report but I thinks it’s a good start!

The dragons are coming

Well one dragon at any rate
Dragons are the a typical fantasy beast and I want one in my Welfs, but the stock ones just don’t work for me.
This guy is made from a high elf kit and the sisters metal dragon I picked up cheap of ebay.
Spent my afternoon working on this beast he’s still at pre rider and pre green stuff stage. Green stuff work will probably be tomorrow and over the Christmas break.

I don’t know what to do for the rider though, I hate the surfing dude look the Welfs have on there beasts so I’ve left the saddle on but I need a model to sit on him the choice is supprisingly limited I’m tempted to grab an old metal glade rider and convert him up but other suggestions are welcome!

Suggestions, criticisms and comments welcome






5 memories from games

Bit of a different post today, over the past few weeks several friends and I have been talking about various memorable momentsa when playing games, from downright bad luck to just plain silly. These conversations have inspired this blog post and are a top 5 memories from playing games


5, Not really one game or moment but a whole event and that was playing in my first L5R kotei  in (I think) 2007, id been playing an orchi sea monster deck and if it drew well Id had close games against most of my friends that played so I was feeling pretty good about ending in mid table mediocrity. I rock up for my first game and hit a crane duelling decking, and I got smashed. This turned out to be a theme for the whole event however on the bottom tables I had such great time all the opponents were fun to play with and because we were in a place where it didn’t matter the games were fun to! So I had a few pints and played L5R and didn’t care that my placing was terrible!


4, This I suspect wasn’t much fun for my opponents but Its given me a great memory! Playing early 5th edition 40K I had the new space wolves against my friends daemons with allied guard (we let him ally the guard in as it was fluffy) now you’d think that I was in for a hiding guard firepower with the Close combat effectiveness of the daemons instead what happened was my dice were on fire, I passed every single save I was called to make, not failing a single one all game! By the end of turn 6 I hadn’t lost a single model and the entire opposing army was routed or dead. Not much fun for my opponent I’m sure but for me I loved it my space wolves were the space marines of the fiction for once!


3, The next tale has become somewhat of a legend in my local group the tale of how fail giant got his name! in the 7th ed Warriors of chaos book if you marked a giant slannesh he gained always strikes first, which I thought was pretty cool so I converted up a giant to have a tail and be all slannesh tainted and placed him down opposite my opponents orc and goblins army. My giant changed a unit of spider riders used hs ASF and rolled stuff in bag, then took 2 wounds from the poison attacks, its ok I thought I passed my Ld check and was going to smush them next round. Next round he rolls stuff in bag again and takes another 2 wounds from the poison its ok I thought ill roll something else next. Suffice to say I didn’t I rolled stuff in back then died from the poison attacks, fell backwards completely missing the unit and then the 3 spider riders I had shoved in my bag jumped out again unharmed! And fail giant gained his nickname! He has seen the table once since and fell down a hole from cracks call on turn 2 :/ yeah fail….


2, Last year’s charity tournament is up as my number 2, I didn’t actually play in this event just organised and ran it. We decided to give to MacMillain as lots of our families had been touched by cancer and I expected to raise £300 ish when the final total was £500 I was amazed and the day was one of the most laid back and friendly days toy soldiering I’ve had I a while (even though I didn’t play) little moments like lucky the dire avenger who had about £20 thrown at him to either kill or keep him alive (he survived as I ran out of pound coins to screw shipman!) or the guys that kept failing his reserve roll every game so paid about £10 across the 3 games to ensure his troops turned up on time!


1, My favourite memory from playing war-games wasn’t that long ago and it was against john from (  quite a simple tale really but it puts a stupid great smirk on my face every time! I was playing his High elves with my Warrios we set up and in the middle of his army was a great big silver helm bus with his BSB in it, he also had 2 chariots on one side and a horde of white lions with a mage in it the other side. I win the roll to go first get to my shooting phase and the hell cannon drops a rock on the silver helm bus, they promptly fail the panic check with the -1 LD penalty he picks up the dice rerolls and gets a double 6 his silver helm bus promptly breaks and runs of the table, the ensuing panic cascade saw the white lions fail and run of the board, both chariots and 1 unit of reavers that were out front. At this point john looks at me with a stare of disbelief and just says shall I re rack and start again? So that’s right a Turn 1 victory to the mighty warriors of chaos! In the ensuing game it was actually quite close game and IIRC I won by about 500 VP so two wins in one night! Still makes me laugh thinking about it as I type!


So thats my top 5 memories from games what are yours? 

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