The battle of Coventry – Game 3 Clear the road

Presenting the scenario we will be playing for our 3rd game!

The stunning defeat of the Martian forces attacking Bedworth buoyed the confidence of the human command, the Martian advance had been halted and although Bedworth had fallen the civilians were saved and the static defenses to the north of Coventry where able to be completed and re-enforced.

However the Martians were not idle they sent a raiding part to the west of Bedworth and managed to secure the main trunk road than runs north to human held territory. All other routes into Coventry are long and dangerous so human command has ordered the trunk road be re taken.

The trunk roads most easily defended point is a ravine with steep sides the Martians have concentrate there forces there to block the oncoming human reinforcements


The table is to be set up with a road running from the short edge to short edge, either side of the road is to be a collection of farm buildings and heavy Forrest terrain in very hilly terrain.

Hills block line of sight and anything in the area marked as the road way cannot see more that 4″ out of the road way and vice versa


The Martian player has 1500 points
Human players have 2000 points

The Martian player must take a slaver which is given special rules below.
The human player must have at least 5 units of the following infantry, rough riders


The Martian player deploys his army up to half way along the board from the short edge (ie 3ft in)

The humans deploy there army on the opposite short board edge at the start of the turn.
However the 6 units that are compulsory may be deployed in ambush up to 2ft into the board.

Special rules

Difficult terrain

The humans are attacking to retake this road as it’s the main route into Coventry from the north, the terrain in the area is dense and difficult to navigate, as such 50% of the tank units taken start the game in reserve and will arrive from the second turn onwards on a 5+, then 4+ on the third turn etc

In addition any American units recycled will be delayed 1 turn extra.

There learning!

The Martians in this area have been fighting and surviving with limited support for a long time and have started to adapt to the local terrain. The slave tripod that the Martian player has become such an expert he counts all forests as high terrain to models out side of 10″

What are those locals doing here?

The Martian player must put the slaver tripod and his lobotons / drones in reserve. At the start of the Martians players 2nd turn they will turn up from a random board edge and may deploy upto 6″ onto the table.

Winning the game

The human objective is simple get the road open, the game ends on the 8th turn the humans must get the road clear, there is an objective in the middle of the table on the road, humans must hold this with no Martians within 6″ or the Martians have broken.



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